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  • Travel Pack, Oily Skin Travel Pack
  • Oily Skin Travel Pack
    ONLY $13.00
  • Luxury cosmeceutical skin care items & gift sets for your essential travel toiletries to keep your skin beautiful and hydrated during flights and long...

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  • Eye Cream, Rosehip Intensive Eye Cream 15ml
  • Rosehip Intensive Eye Cream 15ml
    ONLY $33.20
  • A light weight anti-wrinkle eye cream to use daily and suitable for all skin types. Enriched with rosehip oil and hyaluronic acid to nurture and moist...

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  • Face Mask, Refining Mineral Mask 50g
  • Refining Mineral Mask 50g
    ONLY $26.40
  • Australian green clay for absorbing access sebum and controlling oily skin and breakouts 100% natural An organic face lift! This pore refining gre...

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  • Moisturiser, Balancing Light Moisturiser 70ml
  • Balancing Light Moisturiser 70ml
    ONLY $61.60
  • Reduce sebum production, acne and improve facial scaring from acne with 4% niacinamide, 1% oat beta glucan and 2% vitamin B5 99% natural or nature ...

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  • Cleanser, 100% Pure Jojoba Oil 125ml
  • 100% Pure Jojoba Oil 125ml
    ONLY $46.20
  • 100% Pure jojoba the anti-ageing plant oil rich in vitamin E and A, anti-oxidants for the whole body. Pure jojoba oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2...

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  • Toner, Balancing Toner 125ml
  • Balancing Toner 125ml
    ONLY $38.50
  • Balancing skin toner with certified organic witch hazel to reduce sebum production and sooth the skin with anti inflammatory properties 99% natural...

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  • Cleanser, Mild Foaming Gel Wash 200ml
  • Mild Foaming Gel Wash 200ml
    ONLY $41.60
  • Mild Foaming Facial Wash for oily or combination skin. Gentle on rosacea and sensitive skin types 100% natural or nature identical ingredients M...

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  • Serum, Skin Bright Serum 70ml
  • Skin Bright Serum 70ml
    ONLY $61.60
  • A mixture of skin brightening cosmeceuticals, 4% niacinamide and 2% n-acetyl glucosamine known to reduce pigmentation 97% natural or nature identic...

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  • Exfoliator, Refining Gel 70ml
  • Refining Gel 70ml
    ONLY $51.50
  • 2% Salicylic acid gel for acne, oily skin with breakouts 100% natural or nature identical ingredients Refining gel is formulated to unclog and ...

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Suffering from acne, oily skin?
Acne can be a big problem for people with oily skin. The prevalence of acne, black heads (open conedomes) or white heads (closed conedomes) is typically found in adolescents and young adults. However many people suffer from adult acne which can also be affected by genetics, diet, stress and hormones. Sufferers of acne have highly sensitive skin due to reduced stratum corneum and barrier functioning.

The aim when treating acne is to regulate sebum production and reduce oil production whilst maintaining adequate hydration. Decrease and regulate sebum production. Unclog effected pores. Reduce inflammation and remove the presence of bacteria. Reduce the need for acne medications that can irritate and damage the skin barrier.

Start by trying to eliminate any stress. Use a mild foaming cleanser to remove dirt without disrupting or damaging the skin barrier further. Unclog pores by anti-inflammatory exfoliating agents such as salicylic acid, which will exfoliate the skins surface as well as penetrating and removing sebum deep into the pore and loosen the comedonal plug. Retinoids and AHA are also beneficial. Avoid comedogenic ingredients such as cocoa butter, isopropyl myristate, mineral oil and vegetable oils. Use a product high in Niacinamide to enhance exfoliation without needed a low pH. This will reduce oil and increase exfoliation for those with sensitive skin. Reduce inflammation with inflammatory astringents such as witch hazel. For extremely stubborn acne that is difficult to treat, a doctor may prescribe Retinoids, oral contraceptives, benzoyl peroxide or antibiotics
Use absorbing face masks such as clays to reduce oily skin.