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Welcome to the Desert Pea online shop. You can browse our products by using the drop down menu above and choosing your skin type.


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Learn how to mange your skin type using our products

We have included downloadable treatment plans based on various skin types so that you can learn what treatments can be suitable for your skin type and how you might maintain good healthy skin.

We want to support your ongoing education into health and wellness via this interactive eLearning tool. Within our shop you will also find full ingredient disclosure including links to continue your own research so that you can learn what goes into cosmetic products. You will also find a full disclosure of the percentage of available actives in each of our products.

Skin Care rituals for healthy skin

In case you were wondering why you should use skin care daily read our key points below. If you wish to achieve the best results from a treatment, remember that using SPF 30+ each day and avoiding exposure to the sun is of great importance for skin health, especially after any salon or home chemical peel or exfoliation.


Clean skin is the foundation of healthy, glowing and clear skin. Proper deep cleansing will help to cleanse the pores, remove dead skin cells, remove films of dirt that may disrupt the skin barrier functioning, remove oil and help with acne prone skin, remove bumps under the skin and reveal radiant, more even toned skin complexion.


Using a toner is a valuable step in a skin care routine. Toners refresh the skin after cleansing, can remove excess cleanser and prepare the skin for moisturising. A toner can be used for its astringent or moisturising properties to suit a skin type. When a toner is used after cleansing you can reduce the amount of toner and moisturiser that you need to use. Pre moistening the skin allows the product to absorb easily where it is most needed.


Exfoliation of dead skin cells plays an important role in skin health. It is vital in keeping the skin smooth and free from flaky skin that can impede delivery of vital nutrients and moisture to the skin. However there is a genuine concern that many people are over exfoliating their skin at home. Over exfoliation results in damage to the skin barrier functioning and can lead to dehydration and sensitized skin.

People with sensitive skin cannot exfoliate their skin with certain types of acid or rough manual exfoliants and should avoid action that may cause friction to the already damaged skin barrier. We recommend gentle exfoliating using glucosamine and niacinamide used in our brightening serum that works as an acid free natural exfoliator that enhances cell renewal and promotes natural exfoliation without irritation or flaking.

For acne and sufferers of pigmentation who are not sensitive to acidic products we have our Beta Hydroxy Acid refining gel with 2% salicylic acid. You must keep out of the sun and always wear SPF 30+, especially if use any acidic peel including AHA’s such as glycolic peels and BHA such as salicylic acid.


Apart from cleansing, moisturisers are probably the most important components of skin care, especially in sensitive, dry and aging skin where the skin barrier has been compromised and there is reduced epidermal water content. Adequate moisture keeps the skin smooth and free from flaking, increases stratum corneum water content and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces sensitivity and itching. In addition actives such as fats, humectants, antioxidants, ceramides and proteins have a pronounced effect on improving the clinical condition of the skin barrier function.

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